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April 13, 2023

Kelsey Paske, Founder of Colab in Ulverstone on Network Effect Changing Power Dynamics Inside & Between Different Cultures

Kelsey Paske, Founder of Colab in Ulverstone on Network Effect Changing Power Dynamics Inside & Between Different Cultures

“Why did Kelsey Paske found Colab Hub in Ulverstone?” is what we start talking about. And why does Kelsey remain so focused on creating connection and collaboration through co-working and events in Ulverstone, Tasmania?

Colab was inspired after she moved from London back to her hometown in Ulverstone.

In Ulverstone, she, her partner and brother were working remotely but felt like they were missing an inviting physical space to connect with others and enable themselves to feel more connected in Ulverstone, after being overseas for so long.

Kelsey is an equality, diversity and inclusion practitioner from Tasmania, with expertise in behaviour and cultural change in organisations. My professional, academic and voluntary experience has been centred on serving others and creating safe and inclusive environments, where people are treated with respect and genuinely valued.

Kelsey is a recognised leader in gender-based violence prevention, having implemented innovative best-practice initiatives in Australia and the UK. She has a proven track record of implementing cultural transformation programmes at La Trobe University and Our Watch in Australia, and Advance HE, Culture Shift and as Behaviour and Culture Change Manager at University College London. Since returning to Australia as a consultant she's worked with the Tasmanian Government on violence against women prevention supporting policy and community-based work. Her current consulting clients include University of South Australia, Our Watch Australia, Laurel House, and University College London. Kelsey works casually as research assistant as part of the Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW and has recently joined the Board of Laurel House. 


She recently contributed the chapter on prevention to the book Stopping gender-based violence in UK universities: policy, practice and partnerships. Kelsey's current consulting work includes applying behavioural insights to prevent bullying and harassment and reduce sexual misconduct and is currently piloting a psychometric 360-degree feedback tool for academic staff with Dr. Paul Chadwick as part of an enhancing research culture grant.